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Yeul is a seeress who has visions of the future. She is reborn endlessly among the people known as the Farseers.

All the incarnations of the seeresses have a limited lifespan—it is the price that they pay for the ability to see the future. Soon after one Yeul dies, another is born with the same appearance and same abilities.

There are countless girls who have carried the name Yeul in the long history of the world. The majority of them have been protected by their immortal Guardian, Caius Ballad.

Noel is also a descendant of the Farseers and worked alongside Caius to help protect his Yeul. Just before that Yeul breathed her last, she saw a vision of herself reunited with Noel in a new world. Her promise to Noel that they would meet again has supported him through his journey.


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